About Urban Forest

Urban Forest is a non-profit website founded in 2012. The aim is to create an online platform where people in Singapore and the region can have an accessible guide that is fast and simple to navigate, with clear, interesting, and concise content so that learning about plant identification will be a breeze.

All the species featured here can be found in Singapore, whether they are cultivated, native, or weedy ones. Many of the species here can be found in Southeast Asia, and some even throughout the tropics. Hope everyone will enjoy this website as much as I enjoyed creating it!


You may email me from this address, sgplantid@gmail.com. Please state the purpose in the title so that I can prioritise your request.

How to use this website

The main portion of this website is the species page. Using Albizia saman as an example, below is the breakdown description for the main categories.

Breakdown of the species page
1. Species name gives the currently accepted scientific name of the species as well as the people who described the species.
2. Family indicates the scientific family where the species belongs.
3. Etymology gives the translated meaning or origin of the scientific name. Most of the definitions were obtained from Dave's Garden Botanical Dictionary and The Names of Plants (4th Edition) by David Gledhill
4. Synonyms are the past scientific names. I will only list two to three recent synonyms out of the many. They were alll obtained from The Plant List.
5. Common Names: Same as in 3, I will only list some of the more popular common names.
6. Status refers to the national statuses of the species in Singapore. Unless otherwise stated, they are obtained from the most recent updated checklist: Chong, K.Y., H.T.W. Tan, T.C., Richard. (2009) A Checklist of the Total Vascular Plant Flora of Singapore: Native, Naturalised and Cultivated Species [PDF]. View the glossary to understand the various definitions of the statuses.
7. Diagnostic: Unless otherwise stated, the diagnostic features are based on how I personally identify them on the field. They are not based on strict criteria as indicated in the Floras. This is how it works for me and hopefully for other readers too.
8. References: Please cite the primary reference where I obtain the information (if you happen to use them) to acknowledge the authors for their hard work.

Do note that all information under Diagnostic and Description are based on my own observations and interpretations unless cited.

Last but not least, while I took great care to provide accurate information, I cannot guarantee that all the information are 100% correct. If you think you spot an error, please email or drop a message in the Facebook Page to me and I will be more than happy to look into the matter.

Terms of Use

Citation: All information provided in this website is written by the owner of Urban Forest unless otherwise stated. It will be basic courtesy to provide a hyperlink to or cite this website if you use this in any reports, presentations, or publications. You may follow the guide below and change it based on your citation format.

To cite the entire website:

Urban Forest. (2012) Urban Forest: An Identification Guide to the Flora of Singapore and Southeast Asia. http://uforest.org. Accessed 11 Sep 2012.

To cite a page in the website:

Urban Forest. (2012) Albizia saman (Jacq.) Merr. Urban Forest: An Identification Guide to the Flora of Singapore and Southeast Asia. Last updated 6 Nov 2012. http://uforest.org/Species/A/Albizia_saman. Accessed 6 Nov 2012.

Photograph request: All photographs in this website were taken by me. For all types of publications, prior permission need to be obtained in order to use any photographs in this website. For non-commercial purposes (excluding publications), you may use the images freely. Some examples include school related reports and presentations. Please contact me directly by email if you have any request for high resolution photographs. State clearly the species name and photo type (e.g., flower, leaves, or habit).

Do consider giving a small donation especially if the photographs are for commercial use. All proceeds will be used for site maintanence, research and field-trips to add to the quality of the website.


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