Index Habitat

Lawn 43

Grasslands which are frequently mowed. Still, many weeds, or as some would call them, wild flowers thrive here.

Scrubland 53

Natural open areas dominated by herbs and shrubs. Another wild flowers wonderland.

Abandoned Plantations 13

Relics of past plantations and kampungs. Abundant in fruit trees like durians and rambutans.

Adinandra Belukar 27

A secondary forest dominated by Adinandra dumosa and other native species like Dillenia suffruticosa, Fagraea fragrans and Rhodamnia cinerea.

Mangrove 7

Muddy, soaked with salt water, and even inundated during high tide. Some plants just love it wet!

Beach Forest 14

Able to surive on sandy substrate. Like those in rocky cliff habitat, they grow above the high tide mark.

Rocky Cliff 6

Grows near the sea, but normally does not touch the water; except for sprays from waves. Grows off the rocks on cliffs.

Freshwater Swamp Forest 2

Our last remaining freshwater swamp forest lies deep in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.