Cape Honeysuckle
Tecoma capensis
Green Aralia
Osmoxylon lineare
Love Vine
Cassytha filiformis
Portia Tree
Thespesia populnea
Greater Kyllinga
Kyllinga polyphylla

Native Distribution

While all the plants featured can be found in Singapore, many of them have origins that span across the world, from Singapore to Africa and America, and from tropical to the temperate climate.

This map shows the native distributions of the 275 species that are currently featured in the Urban Forest.


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Have a plant that you can't identify? Search within the plant index featuring an extensive archive of 275 species of plants in Singapore. Each species comes with a complete posting with photos and description. This is the key feature and aim of Urban Forest.

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Singapore might be a sprawling urban city, but we have a diverse number of urban and natural habitats. From the primary rainforest in Bukit Timah Hill and the coastal mangroves in Sungei Buloh, to our parks and urban gardens.

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Are you a landscaper looking for species to plant? This space is perfect for you to pick through a variety of shapes, forms and colours.

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