Chrysopogon aciculatus (Retz.) Trin.

Etymology Genus Golden-bearded; perhaps referring to the yellowish anthers
Species Needlie-like; likely to refer to its spiklets
Family Poaceae
Synonyms Andropogon acicularis Willd., Rhaphis aciculata (Retz.) Honda
Common Names Love Grass, Temuchut
Status Native: Common
Form Herb
Native Distribution India, China, Indochina to Australia


A very common weed in lawns, Chrysopogon aciculatus can only be easily spotted and identified when it flowers. The inflorescence stalk is well exserted, and branches in several whorls, each ending with a red or purple spiklet.

Interesting Facts:

The spikelets adhere firmly to clothings therefore earning the species earned the reputation of "Love Grass" (Gilliland, 1971).

The Love Grass can be identified easily from its erect inflorescences.

Another view from a grass patch.

The spiklets are purple or red and are arranged in whorls.

The form of the Love Grass. Top left: Note the hairy margins

Spikelets "stick" firmly to clothing.


Gilliland HB. (1971) A Revised Flora of Malaya. Volume III: Grasses of Malaya. Government Printing Office, Singapore. 319 pp.

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Posted: 2013-05-07 / Modified: 2017-12-25