Eleocharis geniculata (L.) Roem. & Schult.

Etymology Genus Marsh (Eleo) favour (charis); referring to its prference for marshy habitats
Species Knee-like bend; reference to plant unknown
Family Cyperaceae
Synonyms Scirpus geniculatus L., Bulbostylis capitata (L.) Steven
Common Names Bent Spike-rush, Canada Spike-edge
Status Undetermined
Form Herb
Native Distribution Pantropical, as well as some subtropical and temperate regions


Eleocharis geniculata can be found in open wet or marshy areas. It consists of a cluster of stems which are squarish. The tip of each stem holds a brown globose spikelet.

Interesting Facts:

The Bent Spike-rush is considered a rare species in USA and Canada, being threatened by habitat loss and invasive plants (LDWF, 2011).

The Bent Spike-rush grows in wet and marshy areas.

The stem of the sdege is squarish.

Flowers bearing on the spikelet.

The globose spikelets.


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Author: Jake
Posted: 2013-05-11 / Modified: 2017-12-25