Urban Forest is a non-profit website founded in 2012. The aim is to create an online platform where people in Singapore and the region can have an accessible guide that is fast and simple to navigate, with clear, interesting, and concise content so that learning about plant identification will be a breeze.

All the species featured here can be found in Singapore, whether they are cultivated, native, or weedy ones. Many of the species here can be found in Southeast Asia, and some even throughout the tropics. Hope everyone will enjoy this website as much as I enjoyed creating it!


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To cite the entire website:

Urban Forest. (2017) Urban Forest: An Identification Guide to the Flora of Singapore and Southeast Asia. http://uforest.org. Accessed 11 Sep 2012.

To cite a page in the website:

Urban Forest. (2017) Albizia saman (Jacq.) Merr. Urban Forest: An Identification Guide to the Flora of Singapore and Southeast Asia. Last updated 6 Nov 2012. http://uforest.org/Species/A/Albizia_saman.php Accessed 6 Nov 2012.


A lot of the species descriptions consist of purported medicinal properties. Please note these are directly obtained from the references listed. This means that they are just for you information, and definitely not a recommendation for your aliments. Please seek proper medical advice before you attempt using any plant parts for such purpose.


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