Plant Index Cultivated

Fruits 12

Common fruits that you ate but might never know how the plant look like in real life.

Vegetables 2

The greens that you buy from the supermarket.

Trees 66

Trees plays a prominent role in greening our streetscape and parks.

Palms 13

Palms with their linear structure and patterned foliage makes an excellent ornamental plant.

Shrubs 15

Shrubs buffers walkways add colours and greenery to a pedestrian's height.

Climbers 5

Climbers increase green cover on vertical surfaces, trellises and roofs.

Herbs 6

Herbs decorate the ground cover from the otherwise dull even-colored grasses.

*All plants can be cultivated, and if there ain't already now, might be in the future. Singapore's cultivated greenery changes quickly, hence this list just shows a selected list of common cultivated plants, and might not always be the most updated.