Acalypha indica L.

Etymology Genus Nettle-like; referring to the leaves that resembles Nettle plants
Species Of or from India
Family Euphorbiaceae
Synonyms Acalypha bailloniana Müll.Arg., Acalypha chinensis Benth., Acalypha fimbriata Baill.
Common Names Copperleaf, Indian Acalypha, Indian-nettle
Status Undetermined
Form Herb
Native Distribution Old world tropics


A short erect herb found occasionally around urban unmanaged areas, the Acalypha indica can be easily identified from its whorled arrangement and leaf shape. The leaf is broad at the base, with serrated margins, and have a petiole that is longer than its leaf length.

Interesting Facts:

The leaves are externally applied on sores or swellings in Indonesia and Thailand (Siregar, 2001). The roots are considered as a universal remedy for cats in Indonesia based on observations that they consume it.

Cluster of Copperleaf growing from gaps in an urban area.

It has an upright form.

Very distinct whorled branching.

Underside of the leaf. Note the serrated margins and venation.



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Author: Jake
Posted: 2017-06-12 / Modified: 2017-12-25