Arthrophyllum diversifolium Blume

Etymology Genus Jointed leaf; perhaps referring to the compound leaf
Species Diversely shaped leaves
Family Araliaceae
Synonyms -
Common Names Common Ivy Palm, Tumbuh Kelapa
Status Native: Common
Form Tree
Native Distribution West Malesia


A common tree in Adinandra belukar, Arthrophyllum diversifolium bears spirally arrange leaves near the terminal ends of the tree, giving a bushy feel. The leaves are pinnately arranged, with long petioles. The leaflets are large, up to about 20cm. The trunk bears only a few branches in a rather haphazard, unsightly manner.

A very useful way to identify the tree is from the prominent swollen petiole ends, which cups to the branches. After the leaves fall off, they also leave behind very distinct leaf scars.

Interesting Facts:

A mixture of the root and bark of the Common Ivy Palm are reported to have medicinal properties, which includes a remedy for syphilis (Flora Malesiana, 2017).

Form of the Common Ivy Palm at Kent Ridge, NUS.

A huge cluster of inflorescence bearing on the top of the tree.

Pinnate leaf.

Ends of the petiole are "cupped" to the stem.

Prominent leaf scars.


Flora Malesiana (2017) Arthrophyllum diversifolium. Accessed on 26-Dec-2017.

Author: Jake
Posted: 2017-12-26