Bauhinia kockiana Korth.

Etymology Genus After the Swiss botanists, Gaspard and Jean Bauhin
Species -
Family Fabaceae
Synonyms Phanera kockiana (Korth.) Benth.
Common Names Kock's Bauhinia, Red Trailing Bauhinia
Status Exotic: Cultivated Only
Form Climber
Native Distribution Indonesia, Malaysia


Bauhinia kockiana is a climber commonly cultivated over trellises and shelters. It has tri-veined opposite leaves and are often flushed with attractive orange inflorescences that gradually turn to yellow with age.

Climbing over shelter at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park (2018).

Tri-veined leaves.

Flower clusters.

Flower close-up.



Author: Jake
Posted: 2019-01-01 / Modified: 2019-01-02