Cissus hastata Miq.

Etymology Genus Latin name for Ivy
Species Spear-shaped; referring to the leaf shape
Family Vitaceae
Synonyms Vitis hastata (Miq.) Miq.
Common Names Spear-Shaped Cissus
Status Undetermined
Form Climber
Native Distribution India, Southeast Asia and Australia


Cissus hastata is a common climber, with angular stems, usually reddish tendrils and prominent arrow-shaped leaves.

Interesting Facts:

From Aguilar (2016), in Malaysia "the leaves are pounded and used to poultice boils, or are boiled and put on the abdomen for ague." While in Thailand, the "leaves, stems, or fruits are used for coughs, as an expectorant and as an anti-emetic."

Climbing over a shrub at Yishun Ave 1, 2019.

Alternate leaf arrangement.


Angular stem and red tendrils.

Unripe fruits.


Aguilar NO (2016) Cissus hastata (PROSEA). Plant Resources of South East Asia. Accessed on 7-Feb-2019.

Author: Jake
Posted: 2019-02-08 / Modified: 2019-11-18