Clerodendrum disparifolium Blume

Etymology Genus Chance tree
Species Unequal leaf (sizes)
Family Lamiaceae
Synonyms Clerodendrum laevifolium auct. non Blume
Common Names Swaddling Flower, Celeguri, Guriam, Kecolam, Keculun, Lampin badak
Status Native: Common
Form Shrub or small tree
Native Distribution Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia


Clerodendrum disparifolium is a shrub or small tree that is common around open areas in secondary forests. The leaves are oppositely arranged, glossy, with crenate margins, and grooved petioles. The flowers are yellow and in clusters. The fruits, when ripe, are purple-black, with a persistent star-like red calyx.

Interesting Facts:

The name Clerodendrum laevifolium was incorrectly applied to this species previously (FloraFauna Web, 2020). This is also the host plant for the butterfly larvae of Fluffy Tit (Zeltus amasa maximinianus).

Individual at Old Upper Thomson Road (2020).

A branch.

Leaf upper surface.

Leaf lower surface.

Flower, with calyx starting to turn red.

Fruits, with persistent red calyx.


FloraFaunaWeb. (2020) Clerodendrum disparifolium Blume. National Parks Board, Singapore. Accessed on 4-Mar-2020.

Author: Jake
Posted: 2020-03-04