Coccoloba uvifera (L.) L.

Etymology Genus Lobed berry; referring to the fruits which is comes in 3 parts ad sometimes lobed
Species Eggs bearing; referring to the fruits
Family Polygonaceae
Synonyms Polygonum uviferum L.
Common Names Sea Grape, Jamaican Kino, Cocoloba
Status Exotic: Cultivated Only
Form Tree
Native Distribution Florida, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador


A short tree with spreading foliage, Coccoloba uvifera is very distinct from its rounded leaves with heart-shaped cordate base. The leaf veins are often reddish in colour. The fruits hang down like a string of grapes, ripening to purple.

Interesting Facts:

The fruits are said to be edible (FloraFaunaWeb, n.d.).

A cultivated tree in Labrador Park (2012).

Leaf arrangement.

Leaf, with cordate base.


Developing fruits.


FloraFaunaWeb. (n.d.) Coccoloba uvifera (L.) L. National Parks Board, Singapore. Accessed on 29-Dec-2018.

Author: Jake
Posted: 2018-12-28