Davallia denticulata (Burm. f.) Mett. ex Kuhn

Etymology Genus After Edmond Davall, 18th century English-born Swiss botanist
Species Finely toothed; probably referring to the rhizome scales
Family Davalliaceae
Synonyms Adiantum denticulatum Burm. f., Davallia chaerophylloides (Poir.) Steud.
Common Names Rabbit's Foot Fern
Status Native: Common
Form Epiphyte
Native Distribution Tropical Asia to Polynesia


A common fern with a stout and hairy brown rhizome, giving raise to the common name of Rabbit's Foot. The deltate-shaped frond is bipinnate growing to 60cm long. Each lobe of the sterile leaflets have fine crenate margins.

Interesting Facts:

This is one of the most common epiphytic ferns found on mature trees from urban to forested areas.

The Rabbit's Foot Fern on a Rain Tree.

Another full view of the frond.

Close-up of a frond. Note the crenate margins.

Stalks holding the fronds.

Hairy brown rhizome.



Author: Jake
Posted: 2018-04-20 / Modified: 2018-04-21