Evolvulus nummularius L.

Etymology Genus Non-twining; likely referring to the creeping form
Species Coin-shaped; referring the leaves
Family Convolvulaceae
Synonyms -
Common Names Roundleaf Bindweed
Status Exotic: Undetermined
Form Creeping herb
Native Distribution Tropical America & Africa


Evolvulus nummularius is a creeping herb with alternatively arranged, rounded leaves with a notched base and tiny white flowers to about 8mm across.

Interesting Facts:

This little herb is first recorded locally in 2016 along a pavement in Hougang (Chua, 2016).

Creeping habit of the Roundleaf Bindweed.

Rounded leaves with notched base.

Unopened flower.


Chua KS (2016) New record of the creeping plant Evolvulus nummularius in Singapore. Singapore Biodiversity Records, 2016: 161.

Author: Jake
Posted: 2018-04-21 / Modified: 2018-11-08