Ficus grossularioides Burm.f.

Etymology Genus From the Latin name for the fig (Ficus species)
Species The fruits resembles Ribes grossularia (Gooseberry)
Family Moraceae
Synonyms Ficus alba Reinw. ex Blume, Ficus gossypina Wall. ex Miq.
Common Names White-leafed Fig
Status Native: Common
Form Shrub
Native Distribution Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore


Ficus grossularioides is a very common sun-loving shrub that is found along forest edges. It can be easily recognised from the diamond-shaped leaf which is serrated from the mid margin to the tip, long petioles, and especially its white underside. It figs very often, and the syconium is yellow ripening to red. The young leaves can also vary from heart-shaped to 3-5 lobed (Corner, 1997).

Interesting Facts:

While I have yet to seen one of such height, Corner (1997) stated that the White-leafed Fig is capable of growing to a small tree of up to 9m, with smaller leaves and figs.

The White-leafed Fig is often found along forest edges.

Diamond-shaped leaf with serrated margins.

White-underside, a diagnostic feature.

A trilobed leaf variation.

The figs are rounded and stalkless.

Figs ripen from yellow to red.


Corner EJH. (1997) Wayside Trees of Malaya. Volume 2. 4th edition. The Malaysian Nature Society, Kuala Lumpur. 297 pp.

Author: Jake
Posted: 2013-12-30 / Modified: 2017-12-25