Ficus heteropleura Blume

Etymology Genus From the Latin name for the fig (Ficus species)
Species Varying venation on the leaf underside
Family Moraceae
Synonyms -
Common Names Sandy-Leafed Fig
Status Native: Common
Form Tree, Epiphyte
Native Distribution India, Bhutan, Hainan, Southeast Asia


Ficus heteropleura is a sprawling woody climber, epiphyte or shrub. The leaves are diagnostic, narrow, with a long drip-tip, and an intricately patterned underside, which has a rough sandpaper feel. The figs are bright orange.

Interesting Facts:

The Sandy-Leafed Fig is a host plant for the caterpillar of the butterfly, Striped Blue Crow.

A sprawling individual at Kent Ridge.

Diagnostic leaf underside, note the long drip-tip.

Branch and leaf arrangement.




Author: Jake
Posted: 2018-12-15 / Modified: 2018-12-21