Ficus punctata Thunb.

Etymology Genus From the Latin name for the fig (Ficus species)
Species Spotted; probably referring to the leaf underside
Family Moraceae
Synonyms Ficus aurantiacea Griff., Ficus callicarpa Miq., Ficus megacarpa Merr.
Common Names Mandarin Orange Fig, Climbing Fig
Status Native: Common
Form Climber
Native Distribution Southeast Asia


Ficus puncata is a climbing fig common in both in urban areas and forests. It is easy to recognise from its somewhat rhomboid leaf shape with a distrinct patterned underside. The leaves adopt a different form when they extend outwards, being more rounded. The ripe figs are rounded and bright orange, resembling small mandarin oranges.

Interesting Facts:

There are currently many references that place this species as Ficus aurantiacea. CC Berg have united both F. aurantiacea and F. punctata species into F. punctata, as they "lack sufficient and consistent differentiating characters" (Berg & Corner, 2010).

Form of the Mandarin Orange Fig.

Older leaves extend outwards and have a more rounded form.

FigsĀ ripen to bright orange (inset).

Climbing form which is slightly rhomboid.

Underside of the older and more rounded leaves. Inset: closeup of the spots.


Berg CC & EJH Corner. (2010) Moraceae. Flora Malesiana, 17(2): 1-730.

Author: Jake
Posted: 2014-01-29 / Modified: 2018-12-21