Glochidion superbum Baill. ex Müll. Arg.

Etymology Genus A point; referring to the pointed staminal column of the male flower
Species Superb or magnificant
Family Phyllanthaceae
Synonyms Bradleia finlaysoniana Wall., Phyllanthus superbus (Baill. ex Müll.Arg.) Müll.Arg.
Common Names Great-leafed Pin-flower Tree
Status Native: Common
Form Tree
Native Distribution Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, and Borneo


Glochidion superbum is a small tree very common at open areas in our Central Catchment Nature Reserve. The leaves are large (about 30cm long), slightly cordate, and covered with fine hairs; giving a nice velvety feel.

Interesting Facts:

While most of the Great-leafed Pin-flower Tree I have seen so far are small, Corner (1997) stated that it can reach to a towering 18m tall.

The Great-leafed Pin-flower Tree small tree with sparse, droopy branches.

Leaves are alternate and overlap each other.

Leaf venation.

Flowers are small and white.

Fruits are pink to red.


Corner EJH. (1997) Wayside Trees of Malaya. Volume 1. 4th edition. The Malaysian Nature Society, Kuala Lumpur. 476 pp.

Author: Jake
Posted: 2014-01-09 / Modified: 2017-12-25