Gonystylus confusus Airy Shaw

Etymology Genus Kneed or angled (Gonia) style (stylus)
Species Confused; meaning it was easily mistaken for another species.
Family Thymelaeaceae
Synonyms -
Common Names -
Status Native: Endangered
Form Tree
Native Distribution Sumatra, Malaysia, Singapore


Gonystylus confusus is a tree found native in our rainforests. The leaves are quite distinctive, being long and leathery, with a slight curl at the margins. The mid-vein is also raised at the back and the petiole is swollen.

Interesting Facts:

A decoction of the roots was used by Malays to recover from childbirth (Christophe, 2006).

A nice specimen at Mandai Track 7.

Leaf branch. Note the leathery leaves and light colour at the margins.

Leaves front and back. Note the raised mid-rib

Swollen petiole


Brown, globose fruit

Fruit, with skin peeled off.

Squirrel feeding on the fruit.


Christophe W. (2006) Medicinal Plants of Asia and the Pacific. CRC Press. 336 pp.

Author: Jake
Posted: 2017-06-04 / Modified: 2018-11-19