Indorouchera griffithiana (Planch.) Hallier f.

Etymology Genus Possibly Indian Roucheria (previous genus name)
Species After Dr. William Griffith, 19th century botanist and curator of the Botanic Garden in Calcutta
Family Linaceae
Synonyms Roucheria griffithiana Planch.
Common Names Akar Ipoh Putih
Status Native: Common
Form Climber
Native Distribution India to Borneo


A common woody climber in our old secondary forests, Indorouchera griffithiana can be easily identified from the leaves which are elliptic to obovate with a long drip tip and minute serrated margins, and the distinct climbing hooks.

Interesting Facts:

From Flora Malesiana (n.d.), the climber is said to contain saponin-like chemicals and are used to make arrow poison. In Sarawak, the wood is also used for making parang handles.

A climbing branch of Indorouchera griffithiana.

Leaf underside.

Leaf and hook.

Thicken hook which has grasped on another branch to climb.



Flora Malesiana (n.d.) Indorouchera griffithiana. Accessed on 17-Nov-2019.

Author: Jake
Posted: 2019-11-08 / Modified: 2019-11-17