Mecardonia procumbens (Mill.) Small

Etymology Genus After Antonio de Meca y Cardona, a Spanish patron of botany
Species Lying on the ground; referring to its prostrate habit
Family Plantaginaceae
Synonyms Bacopa chamaedryoides (Kunth) Wettst., Erinus procumbens Mill., Monniera procumbens (Mill.) Kuntze
Common Names Baby Jump-Up
Status Exotic: Undetermined
Form Herb
Native Distribution USA, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, southwards to Chile & Argentina


A wildflower found occasionally in grass patches or drains, Mecardonia procumbens can be identified from its oppositely arranged serrated leaves, which is oval in shape. The stem is angled at 4 sides. The small bright yellow flowers and the fruits are encapsulated by the large persistent sepals.

Interesting Facts:

This is a new record for Singapore, with it being first published in a guide book by Kaw & Neo (2018). Their flowers resemble miniature versions of certain Viola species as known as Jump-Ups, hence their common names (Flowers of India, n.d.).

Creeping form growing from a crack in a monsoon drain.

Oppositely arranged, serrated leaves.

Yellow flowers.

Fruits or unopened flower encapsulated by the large sepals.


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Author: Jake
Posted: 2018-11-26 / Modified: 2018-11-28