Murraya paniculata (L.) Jack

Etymology Genus After Johann Andreas Murray, a 18th century Swedish student of Linnaeus
Species After panicule, the structure of the inflorescence
Family Rutaceae
Synonyms Chalcas paniculata L., Murraya exotica L.
Common Names Orange Jasmine, Orange Jessamine
Status Exotic: Cultivated Only
Form Shrub
Native Distribution Southern & Southeast Asia, Northern Australia


A common cultivated hedge shrub, Murraya paniculata have dark green, glossy compound leaves, white flowers and red fruits.

Interesting Facts:

The flowers have the pleasant scent of orange blossoms, hence its common name.

Murraya paniculata grown as a hedge.

Compound leaf upper surface.

Leaflets, lower surface.





Author: Jake
Posted: 2018-05-06