Passiflora foetida L.

Etymology Genus Passion flower; the flower parts of Passiflora are symbolic to the events of the Passion of Jesus Christ
Species Stinking
Family Passifloraceae
Synonyms -
Common Names Love In A Mist
Status Exotic: Naturalised
Form Climber
Native Distribution Tropical America


Passiflora foetida is a herbaceous climber that is common among wild vegetation. It is hairy throughout, has trilobed leaves which emit a smell when crushed, and stipules with sticky glands. The flower is distinct for the species.

Interesting Facts:

Love In A Mist is a host plant for the caterpillar of Tawny Coster (Acraea terpsicore). Parts of the plant are edible; the aril is eaten in Colombia, the fruits in Venezuela, and in Thailand, the young cooked leaves and the fruits are consumed.

Love In A Mist in Hougang growing out of a cultivated shrub amidst the covid19 period (2020).

Leaf upper surface.

Leaf underside

Stipule and hairy stem.



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Author: Jake
Posted: 2020-07-11 / Modified: 2020-07-12