Passiflora laurifolia L.

Etymology Genus Passion flower; the flower parts of Passiflora are symbolic to the events of the Passion of Jesus Christ
Species Laurel like leaves
Family Passifloraceae
Synonyms Passiflora oblongifolia Pulle, Passiflora tinifolia Juss.
Common Names Water Lemon, Yellow Granadilla, Bell Apple
Status Exotic: Naturalised
Form Climber
Native Distribution South America


A common climber that prefer open areas, Passiflora laurifolia has elliptic-oval shaped leaves with distinctive purple flowers. As with members of the family, it possesses a pair of glands at the leaf stalk.

Interesting Facts:

The Water Lemon is cultivated for its edible fruits (Henderson, 1959).

A mass growing off a tree in Kent Ridge Park.

Oval-shaped leaf.

Pair of glands at the leaf stalk.


Purple flower.

Sliced orange fruit.


Henderson MR. (1959) Malayan Wild Flowers: Dicotyledons. Malayan Nature Society, Kulau Lumpar, Malaysia. 478 pp.

Author: Jake
Posted: 2017-10-08 / Modified: 2017-12-25