Pipturus argenteus (G. Forst.) Wedd.

Etymology Genus Unknown
Species Silvery, referring to the leaf underside.
Family Urticaceae
Synonyms Urtica argentea G. Forst.
Common Names White Mulberry, Australia Mulberry
Status Exotic: Naturalised
Form Shrub
Native Distribution Northern Australia


A shrub or small tree, Pipturus argenteus is common in open wastelands and forest edges. The red petioles are almost as long as the leaves. The leaf margins are serrated at the lower half, and white-coloured at the lower surface.

Interesting Facts:

The White Mulberry is the host plant for the larvae of the Malayan Eggfly butterfly.

A small tree about 4m at Punggol, 2019.

A branch, note the red long petioles.

Leaf, upper and lower surface. Note the serrated lower half of the margins.


Caterpillars of the Malayan Eggfly.



Author: Jake
Posted: 2019-07-20