Pterisanthes polita (Miq.) Lawson

Etymology Genus From Greek, pteron=wing, anthe=flower; referring to the blade like inflorescence
Species Smoothed or polished
Family Vitaceae
Synonyms -
Common Names Simple-Leaved Ribbon Vine, Akar Janggut Baung
Status Native: Critically Endangered
Form Climber
Native Distribution Myanmar, Thailand, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Philippines, Borneo


Pterisanthes polita is a climber with simple leaves, with a few serrations along the margin. The leaf blade is ovate-oblong to broadly-ovate, with a slight cordate base. The tendrils lies opposite to the leaf.

Interesting Facts:

Pterisanthes polita is the most common of other two extant Pterisanthes species in Singapore, but it is restricted to the Nee Soon Swamp Forest region (Yeo et al., 2012).

A small climber in Nee Soon Swamp Forest (2013)

Leaf upperside.

Leaf underside.


Developing fruits.


Yeo CK, Ang WF & Lok AFSL (2012) Pterisanthes (Vitaceae) of Singapore: With a Note on the Rediscovery of Pterisanthes cissioides Blume. Nature in Singapore. 5, 185-190.

Author: Jake
Posted: 2018-12-23