Pyrrosia longifolia (Burm. f.) C.V. Morton

Etymology Genus Flame-coloured, referring to the fertile fronds covered with orange sori
Species Long-leafed; referring to the long fronds of the fern
Family Polypodiaceae
Synonyms Acrostichum bicolor Cav., Polypodium acrostichoides G. Forst., Pyrrosia fissa (Blume) Mehra
Common Names Long-leafed Pyrrosia
Status Native: Common
Form Epiphyte
Native Distribution Malaysia, east to Queensland and Polynesia


A very common epiphytic fern, Pyrrosia longifolia is often seen covering old trees in open areas. The fronds are distinctively long (more than 30cm), and the straggly, droopy appearance makes them easily identifiable.

Interesting Facts:

To ease childbirth, cold water where the leaves are pounded in is drank (Umberto, 2012).

Long straggly frongs of Pyrossia longifolia amassed on this Rain Tree.

Spore bags on a fertile frond.


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Author: Jake
Posted: 2017-06-14