Rubus moluccanus angulosus Kalkman

Etymology Genus In Latin for blackberry, bramble, and raspberry
Species moluccanus=Moluccas; angulosus=many angled referring to the leaf lobes
Family Rosaceae
Synonyms -
Common Names Molucca Bramble, Broad-Leaf Bramble
Status Native: Presumed Extinct
Form Shrub
Native Distribution Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Thailand, Vietnam, Malesia, Sulawesi


Rubus moluccanus is a climbing, scrambling or creeping shrub of about 6-10m. The stem possesses prickles and is covered in dense hairs when young. The leaves are multi-lobed and finely serrated along the margins. The variety angulosus can be differentiated from others from the cordate leaf base, with the basal lobes touching or overlapping each other (Ang et al., 2010).

Interesting Facts:

Rubus moluccanus var. angulosus was previously declared extinct locally, but Ang et al. (2010) found that this was due to the misidentification of herbarium specimens to Rubus moluccanus var. moluccanus.

A sprawling individual at the forest edge in Central Catchment Reserve (2013).

Leaf arrangement.

Leaf, showing the basal lobes overlapping.

Stipule and spines along the branch.

Young leaves.

White flower.

String of inflorescences hanging like bells.


Ang WF, Lok AFSL, Chong KY, Ng BYQ, Suen SM & Tan HTW (2010) The distribution and status in Singapore of Rubus moluccanus L. var. angulosus Ka

Author: Jake
Posted: 2018-12-19