Solanum torvum Sw.

Etymology Genus Solace; referring to the narcotic properties of certain species
Species Savage; referring to the thorny branches
Family Solanaceae
Synonyms Solanum ficifolium Ortega, Solanum mayanum Lundell
Common Names Devil's Fig, Thai Pea Egg Plant, Prickly Solanum
Status Exotic: Naturalised
Form Shrub
Native Distribution Neotropics


Solanum torvum is a common shrub in open scrublands. It has loped leaves and recurved prickles on the stem and branches; and can be easily identified from the star-shaped white petals with a pointed yellow centre.

Interesting Facts:

The Devil's Fig is now naturalised in subtropical and tropical regions worldwide. It is cultivated for its edible fruits and dispersed by frugivorous birds (PIER, 1999).

Form of the Devil's Fig.

Loped leaf.

Prickles on the branches.

The distinct flowers.

Young fruits.


PIER (1999) Solanum torvum. Pacific Island Ecosystem at Risk (PIER), Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry. Accessed on 26-Nov-2014.

Author: Jake
Posted: 2014-11-26 / Modified: 2017-12-25