Strobilanthes crispa Blume

Etymology Genus Cone flower
Species Curved or wavy margins
Family Acanthaceae
Synonyms Strobilanthes crispus Blume
Common Names Black Face General, Pecah Beling, Pecah Kaca
Status Exotic: Cultivated Only
Form Shrub
Native Distribution Madagascar


A small shrub very commonly grown privately for medicinal use. The opposite leaves are very distinctive, with crenate margins, and rough in texture. The upper surface is dark green, glossy and deeply depressed secondary and tertiary veins. The stem, petiole and primary veins on the underside of the leaves are sometimes purplish.

Interesting Facts:

A study by NUS found that leaf extracts from the Black Face General having anti-cancer properties against certain cell lines (Rei, 2019). Its other traditional usage include resolving kidney problems, diabetes, or as a general detoxing product. The leaves and stem are commonly said to be boiled and drank as tea.

Black-face General in Pavilion Edible Garden, 2020.

Leaf upper surface.

Leaf lower surface.

Leaf node.


Rei K (2019) Study finds anti-cancer properties in local plants. The Straits Times, Singapore. 11-May-2019.

Author: Jake
Posted: 2020-01-25