Vatica rassak Blume

Etymology Genus Soothsayer; reference to plant unknown
Species From its local name (though it is used widely for all members of the genus)
Family Dipterocarpaceae
Synonyms -
Common Names Rasak
Status Exotic: Cultivated Only
Form Tree
Native Distribution Borneo, Philippines, Sulawesi, Moluccas, and New Guinea


This exotic dipterocarp is grown sparingly in some streetscape and parks. Some nice specimens can also be seen in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It has distinctive non-persistent stipules, creamy and droopy flowers, and nuts of about 10cm long.

Interesting Facts:

The fruits of the Rasak are water-dispersed and is the only species in the family tolerant of salt water (Symington, 2007).

Form of Rasak in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Leaves front and back.

Distinctive stipules.

Inflorescence and closeup of flower.

Fruit cluster.


Symington CF. (2007) Foresters' Manual of Dipterocarps. Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Malaysian Nature Society, Kulau Lumpur. 519 pp.

Author: Jake
Posted: 2014-03-22 / Modified: 2015-01-11