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Ant Exhibition 14 Aug, 2019 by Jake

A delayed post of 2 weeks, when I visited the first ever exhibition of ants in Singapore at Katong. It was an amazing exhibition from Zat's ant collection, 21 species in all. You can read more about this "ant-man" in the CNA article. 

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Recee at Bukit Timah 10 Aug, 2019 by Jake

After the recent trip to MacRitchie, I decided to recee Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, together with a colleague, to see if there's any signs of mass fruiting of our primary forest trees too.

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Stroll along MacRitchie Nature Trail 03 Aug, 2019 by Jake

It has been a few years since I stepped into the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. Work, life, and just plain inertia has stopped me from doing so. However, I heard that there was a masting, or synchronous fruiting event, so I decided to take a quick stroll through MacRitchie Nature Trail last weekend to take a look at the big trees. 

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