Reflections at Tampines Quarry

03 Nov, 2020 by Jake

A dated post of several months back... I was all in for a different adventure, having visited most of the forests in Singapore. Tampines Quarry was something that I was not aware of till I saw a couple of hikers post a video about it. 

Some of the more interesting vegetation was this huge Papaya tree, and also some sporadic grows of Tiup Tiup.

It was raining heavily the past few days, and I noticed many eggs on small ponds. I'm no expert, but they are probably frog eggs.

This view is worth the entire trip! Clear blue skies, with voluminous clouds, together with the reflections from the still water of the Quarry. Beautiful!

Most of the vegetation are dominated by Acacia, and it gave the place a little bit of rustic feel. Not my favourite species, but at least there are still a decent diversity of flora.

Some trails are a little bit more adventurous.

All in all, a very nice place to visit, but this location is shared by a few other groups, including anglers, mountain bikers, motorcyclists, and stunt bikers (they even built their own obstacle course!). So do be mindful about giving way so that each of us can enjoy this shared resource together.