Walk along the Hill Park

15 Mar, 2020 by Jake

The Southern Ridges cover a length of more than 10km, linking Kent Ridge Park, HortPark, Telok Hill Park, Mount Faber and Labrador Park together. I have personally never trekked the entire length, just parts of it, and this was my first attempt for Telok Blangah Hill Park.

This trail is literally a canopy walk making up of sturdy, strong metal bridges, which starts from the Alexandra Arch at HortPark to the Henderson Waves (cover photo) linking to Mount Faber. It spans through what is seemingly an Adinandra Bekular forest, though a lot of replanting of other native forest trees were carried out and also thriving well. Despite the presence of a good amount of weekend joggers and nature trekkers, the amount of wildlife was pleasantly abundant.

A Tailorbird and Asian Brown Flycatcher were hanging around a Macaranga tree. I actually managed to get a shot of the former catching a caterpillar!

Next, on an Albizia tree, an Olive-Winged Bulbul and Lineated Barbet were perched nearby.

Cicadas are always omnipresent in forests, but very hard to spot as they are well camouflaged among the tree bark. Was quite happy I managed to find one to show my company. We were also lucky to see a flying lizard flying towards us and landed on the tree nearby. Amazing!

The Henderson Waves bridge which stand at 36m tall, is the tallest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. It was built in 2008.

A view from Henderson Waves, showing the thick vegetation from Mount Faber Hilll and the iconic Keppel Bay residential complex in the background. Singapore's effort in opening accessibility to existing nature spots and its sensitivity in their sustainability and maintenance is really world class. Look forward to other visits here.