Roosting Cockatoos

12 Oct, 2019 by Jake

About 6 months back, their characteristic calls alerted me when I worked late that night. Looking around, I managed to find 4 Tanimbar Corella perched on a Rain Tree just beside the overhead bridge where I was. What a sight! This appears to their roosting spot every night, as I always see them if I ever leave my office late from then on.

I'm not too familiar with their social structure, but these two above always perched together as pair so I assumed they are couples. And perhaps more elderly as they dozed off earlier compared to the other two which are usually more active when I saw them.

Many office workers were also amazed to see the birds after watching this weird guy with a big camera snapping away at the tree. And one asked me what they are which I happily shared. There are so many amazing biodiversity living right under our noses.

Tanimbar Corella are cockatoos that are endemic to the Tanimbar Islands archipelago in Indonesia. IUCN listed them as Near Threatened due to habitat loss and bird trade, though it is said to breed well in captivity. These are probably a group that have escaped from captivity and are now thriving well within our sunny island.