Nepenthes x hookerana Lindl.

Etymology Genus An anti-depression (Nepenthe) used by Helen of Troy on her guests in Greek mythology
Species After William Hooker, Director of Kew Gardens from 1841 to 1865
Family Nepenthaceae
Synonyms Nepenthes x hookeriana Lindl.
Common Names Hooker's Pitcher Plant
Status Native: Undetermined
Form Herbaceous Climber
Native Distribution Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra & Borneo


Nepenthes x hookerana has a long petiole like Nepenthes rafflesiana, and also reddish hairs on the leaves like Nepenthes ampullaria. The pitchers look similar to Nepenthes rafflesiana with maroon speckles, but smaller. The neck of the pitchers is also shorter.

Interesting Facts:

The Hooker's Pitcher Plant is a hybrid of Nepenthes ampullaria and Nepenthes rafflesiana. As a result, this species contains characteristics from both plants.

It can be found in Kent Ridge Park (Chan KL et al., 1997).

A climbing vine with upper pitchers.

A small mass of Hooker's Pitcher Plant.

Long winged petiole similar to Nepenthes rafflesiana.

Funnel-like upper pitcher.

Urn-like lower pitcher.


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Author: Jake
Posted: 2017-11-01 / Modified: 2019-08-27