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Reflections at Tampines Quarry 03 Nov, 2020 by Jake

A dated post of several months back... I was all in for a different adventure, having visited most of the forests in Singapore. Tampines Quarry was something that I was not aware of till I saw a couple of hikers post a video about it. 

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Walk along the Hill Park 15 Mar, 2020 by Jake

The Southern Ridges cover a length of more than 10km, linking Kent Ridge Park, HortPark, Telok Hill Park, Mount Faber and Labrador Park together. I have personally never trekked the entire length, just parts of it, and this was my first attempt for Telok Blangah Hill Park.

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War on the Zanzibar Yam 16 Nov, 2019 by Jake

It was a struggle out of bed on an early Saturday morning, but I was eager to participate in an event organised by the Bukit Timah Citizens' Consultative Committee and the Friends of Bukit Timah Forest. I was surprised to see so many people at the gathering point at Mayfair Park, which was later confirmed to be around 160 pax.

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